Christchurch, New Zealand.

Brian Swale is a professional forester by training who has loved photography since he was 12; initially photographing landscapes and plants.

Among those who influenced him by their contact and discussion were John Johns - senior photographer for the New Zealand Forest Service for about 30 years, (and who got for him his first 35mm camera, a Praktica FX) - and Harold Heimke-Hemming of Rotorua, who was offical photographer for the Forest Research Institute (NZFS) in Rotorua for at least 20 years.

Later he joined the Olympus Group of the internet and its members have had a large influence by encouragement and sharing, thus improving his technique and knowledge of all aspects.

And not least, he has been influenced and encouraged by the work of other photographers; Robin Morrison, Ansel Adams, Brian Brake, Ans Westra, Andris Apse, Stephen Jaquiery Craig Potton, William C Davies, Grant Sheehan and Derry Brabbs (Yorkshire); to name the most influencial in no particular order.

Painters, in particular; the work of Georgia O'Keefe, Laurence S Lowry, John Loxton, and Douglas Badcock.

He uses Olympus E-series DSLR cameras, and the following film cameras: Olympus OM 35mm series, Mamiya Press (120), Linhof 4x5, Koni-Omega (120), Cosina-Voigtlander Bessa L (35m), and an Obsession 6x17 (6 x 17 cm negative on 120 film).