Christchurch, New Zealand.                 Pricing

          Pricing will depend on image medium and image class.

Image medium

Unless agreed otherwise they will be prints on photographic paper
(matt or glossy depending on your preference) in these sizes (inches):

8 x 10, 8 x 12,         $NZ 40
12 x 18.                    $NZ 70

These will be available flat, or for mail, rolled in a cardboard tube.
Other image qualities, such as glclee, archival pigment, printing on canvas all have to be negotiated. Contact me at Brian Swale

Image class
According to their intrinsic qualities, it is planned that there will be several classes of image.
  1. Unlimited; there will be no limit imposed on the number of each image that
    will be made available for sale.
  2. Limited edition; a maximum number of prints (perhaps 500) to be made will be imposed.
  3. Exceptional; a lower maximum number of prints will be imposed.
Pricing for Limited and Exceptional prints have not been determined yet
Prices may be altered at any time.
Packing and postage costs are at standard rates, and are additional.

          This page modified 4 July 2013.