Christchurch, New Zealand.                 Products

          While there will be only one kind of product initially, eventually there will be several.
Image medium
          The first will be photographic prints (matt or glossy depending on your
preference) in the sizes (inches): 8 x 10, 8 x 12, 12 x 18.
These will be available flat, or for mail, rolled in a cardboard tube.
          Later, is expected that images will be available in a greater range of sizes,
printed on a range of supports such as cotton paper, canvas, and so on.
          The pigment quality or processes will be widened to include dot-matrix and
archival mineral inks with an expected life of several decades.
          Posters may also become available.
Image class
          According to their intrinsic qualities, it is planned that there will be several classes of image.
  1. Unlimited; there will be no limit imposed on the number of each image that will be made
    available for sale.
  2. Limited edition; a maximum number of prints (perhaps 500) to be made will be imposed.
  3. Exceptional; a lower maximum number of prints will be imposed.
          This page modified 7 March 2009.